Foundry molds and models

We are currently in the third generation patternmakers and over the years we have evolved to be at the challenges that have been discussed new technologies and customers. From manufacturing models of primitive wooden models made from resin, master, metal machining on copier, and now machined in CAD-CAM.

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  • Design, advice and manufacturing of foundry models
  • Manufacture from a sample, drawing or CAD file
  • Prototype development from the idea to physical piece
  • Design, project development and technical consultations
  • Making models for all types of projects
  • Repair and modification of pieces

More services

  • Manufacture of metal models
  • Manufacture in any material:
  • Core boxes
  • Matrices burr
  • Stamping matrices
  • Molds for plastic injection
  • Tempered steel shells for cast aluminum, tools and gauges for dimensional control
  • Management database 2D and 3D



Pol. Ind. "El Grau", 30 - "El Guix"

08272 Sant Fruitós de Bages (BARCELONA)

Phone: +34 93 873 69 73